Southwest District Soccer League

Air Quality Direction

Thank you for your patience while we navigate the Environment Canada AQHI warnings.

Recently we have communicated out daily decisions based on the published forecasts with a standard of 8+ (high risk) resulting in cancellations. Reviewing the trends we have found the forecasts to be highly inaccurate leading to the cancellations of matches that could have proceeded. The Southwest District Soccer League will be proceeding as follows:

AQHI warnings will be treated with the same regard as a Heat Advisory or Severe Weather warnings. The Match Official will be in a position to make a decision at the field of play based on current local conditions just as they would for extreme weather. The match can be delayed or postponed at MO’s discretion based on current conditions such as plumes of smoke. During these warnings we expect the MO’s to apply the leagues Heat Advisory Policy which mandates water breaks.

If the current localized AQHI conditions is high risk and the forecast is high risk, the home clubs for that evenings matches may reach out to league administration to request a postponement. The league administrator will review and make a final determination. The communication from the home club to league must be received by 2:00pm. A decision from the league will be communicated no later than 3:00pm. If postponed, rescheduling fees will not be applied.