Southwest District Soccer League

Fee Schedule

Appendix B: 2024 District League Fee Schedule

Outdoor Registration Fee Schedule
U8 (per game day roster)$250.00
U9 - U12 (per game day roster)$350.00
U13 - U18 (per team) (rec or comp)$400.00
U21 Competitive (per team)$400.00
Open Age (per team) (rec or comp)$400.00
Bond - Youth Club$300.00
Bond - Senior Team$200.00
Late Team Registration$100.00
Game Official Fees - Outdoor 2024RefereeAssistant Referee
U8 Development$25.00N/A
U9 Development$30.00N/A
U10 Development$30.00N/A
U11 - U12 Development$40.00N/A
U13 Youth Competitive$50.00$35.00
U14 Youth Competitive$55.00$40.00
U15 Youth Competitive$55.00$40.00
U16 Youth Competitive$60.00$45.00
U17 / U18 Youth Competitive$65.00$50.00
U18G/U21W and U21M Senior Competitive$80.00$55.00
Open Age Senior Competitive (KDSL)$85.00$60.00
Open Age District Recreational (TMSL)$80.00$55.00
One Referee System for District U13 and U14
Referee fee + ~50% of one assistant referee fee
U13 - $65.00
U14 - $75.00
Game Official Scheduling
League scheduling game officials to an Exhibition Game$8.00 per game
Discipline Fees
Protest Submission$200.00