Southwest District Soccer League

2024 Youth Cup

All U13-U21 teams will participate in the District Youth Cup Competition. Preliminary rounds will be played during the season on Fridays as per the schedule below. Some age groups will have more preliminary rounds due to the size of the divisions. Host clubs will be predetermined on the cup draw charts. Draw charts are linked to the age groups below and will be updated after each round concludes.

2024 Youth Cup Rules

U13 Boys Round 1June 21stU13 GirlsRound 1July 19th
Round 2July 12th Round 2 (Semis)August 9th
Round 3 (Semis)August 23rd
U14 BoysRound 1June 7thU14 GirlsRound 1July 19th
Round 2 July 5thRound 2 (Semis)August 23rd
Round 3 (Semis) August 16th
U15 BoysRound 1June 21stU15 GirlsRound 1July 19th
Round 2July 19thRound 2 (Semis)August 16th
Round 3 (Semis) August 9th
U16 Boys Round 1July 12thU16 GirlsRound 1July 19th
Round 2 (Semis)August 9thRound 2 (Semis)August 16th
U17/U18 BoysRound 1July 5thU17 GirlsRound 1 (Semis)August 16th
Round 2 (Semis)July 26th
U21 MenRound 1July 5thU18/U21 WomenRound 1July 12th
Round 2 (Semis) July 26thRound 2 (Semis)July 26th